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We offer a wide variety of dental treatments, from routine upkeep sessions to the most complicated dental surgeries.

Cosmetic Dentistry


Get a smile that others envy!!!
Aesthetic dentistry is a perfect blend of various techniques skilfully carried out by one or more experienced dentists working in tandem to transform your normal smile to a beautiful smile.
One aspect which makes Medlene stay apart from the rest is that we possess a panel consisting of experienced dentists who has their own proven techniques for various speciality zones. Before we give a solution to our patient we ensure to do a proper analysis to understand how we can bring the best smile for the patient.
Walk in to our clinic or book an appointment with us to experience “The Real Oral Health” .

Veneers and Smile Makeover

No more tears , That is what we promise at Medlene.

Ever felt let down with your smile? No more tears just dazzling smiles all around. That is what we promise with Medlene.
At Medlene we make use of cosmetic dental measures such as dental veneers, teeth whitening and tooth implants to enhance the feel of your smile.
Smile makeovers are tailor made as per ones appearance. As we aim to offer the best for our patients, we develop a mockup to reveal a preview of what you can expect from a smile makeover.
Factors that our dental specialists will look into to create a naturally beautiful smile:
- Your face presence,
- Texture of your skin
- Color, shape/ width of your teeth
- Shape of your lips
- Hair color

Digital Smile Design


Digital Smile Design (DSD) is a rare approach endorsed by our doctors to conceive real, beautiful smiles. What does one mean with a perfect smile?

Steps we abide for the process:
- There will be an initial screening that would approximately take an hours time.
- We would click photos and videos of your face and teeth from various angles so that we could study which smile suits you the best.
- One on one detailed discussion with your doctor.
- This helps us to understand your concerns and expectation.
- To ease your concerns we would be ready with a clear mock-up of your new smile in your second meeting.

We like transparency and nothing will be performed hidden. You can experience only the reality with our Digital Smile Design. We work in real time and you do not have to wait for an eternity to see what you are going to receive from us. Only after receiving your consent will we start working on your real smile.

Orthodontic Treatment


For having proper oral health the correction of improperly aligned teeth is significant. Malaligned teeth can lead to problems like difficulty to clean leading to gum diseases, bad breath , more wear and tear and unpleasant facial appearance.
At Medlene Dental Centre UAE, we have unique orthodontic services for all age groups including children, teens and adults. We have various orthodontic solutions like removable and non removable, traditional, clear aligners, and ceramic braces to align your teeth.
Age is no more a barrier for one to gain access to a healthy teeth.

Teeth Whitening


Time to smile showing your healthy and whiter teeth. No more hidden smiles, just lively smiles and at Medlene we ensure that your teeth look fresh and healthy. It is a known fact that our teeth tend to lose its color and health as we grow old but with the expert guidance of our doctors you can prevent it.
Clean and white teeth adds to your confidence and with our teeth whitening treatment we do justice to this fact. We will bring that million dollar smile back to your face.
At Medlene, we have served clients all across UAE for our teeth whitening treatment.

Root Canal Treatment


The purpose of getting a root canal treatment done is to extricate a tooth that is severely decayed. Teeth are highly prone to become infected due to developmental disorders, decay ,impairment or cracks in the tooth.

In Root canal therapy, the tooth’s dead pulp is replaced with filling material.
Visit us if you experience
-Severe toothache
-Prolonged sensitivity
-Swelling in gums and side of face

Crowns & Bridges


As time elapses, our teeth tends to lose its charm by getting cracked or decayed. This is the time when a dentist takes the help of a crown to cover the entire damaged tooth. At Medlene we ensure that the ‘Crowns’ are custom made to blend the color of your teeth, alongside bolstering an impaired tooth. This procedure helps in improving the total shape and alignment of your teeth.
There are different sources from which the ‘Dental crowns’ can be dished out such as stainless steel, ceramic, acrylic, gold and metal alloys.
Crowns can save a weak tooth from further decay, shield a dental implant, protect a tooth which has underwent root canal etc.

Dental Bridges
Dental bridges, are commonly referred as fixed removable dentures.
Are you suffering from tooth loss? At Medlene, under the supervision of our expert doctors we can bring back your smiles alongside retaining your facial structure. A bridge is a combination of two crowns and a false tooth in between. The anchoring teeth are called abutment teeth and false teeth are called pontics. Bridges add to your confidence as none of your remaining teeth will shift out of position.

General Dentistry


We believe in the motto: Prevention is better than cure.
General dentists provide service related to general maintenance of teeth health and oral hygiene.
Our doctors at Medlene will advise about the frequency of visits you need depending on your dental conditions and lifestyle. If you have a weak immune system or have habits such as smoking, drinking etc then chances of having gum diseases or cavities are higher.
We advise you to reach out to one of our experienced dentists once in every 6 months for a complete dental check up so that you can stay free from any cavities or gum diseases.

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Its your time to shine! Make most of your life and smile with confidence.